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Bistrot. Excellent! Amazing service and quality! Great wine list.

Caveau du Théâtre

Bistrot. Great! Very friendly, simple yet elaborate dishes, generous, good wine list.

Le Grand Baretta

New! Place Saint-Didier

A great place for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

A resurrected café first created in 1784...

Great food by the chef, beautiful setting, best eggs for breakfast and fantastic wine list.

(Open on Sundays)

Le Zinzolin

Unpretentious Bistrot, in the typical rue des Teinturiers

(Open on Sundays)


Tajine and couscous, out of this world

(open Sunday)


French cuisine, popular, great fresh food; a bit noisy at lunch but great terrace!

Opéra Café

Will serve lunch late!

Good food, great tartare steak, reasonable without any bad surprises.

(Open on Sundays)


Greek and Armenian

Always friendly, good value, easy, great terrace on sunny day

La Fourchette

French Provençal. Very popular!

Never disappointing and genuine…

Hiely Lucullus

Former Michelin, a rich and original choice of menus

High gastronomy, yet simple. Pricey and worth it!

(Open on Sundays)

La Vieille Fontaine (Hôtel l’Europe)

(Michelin recommended). Top gastronomy. Outrageous and special.

La Mirande

(Michelin 1 star). Top gastronomy. Expensive, simple and sophisticated at the same time. Great opportunities for cooking classes as well...

Christian Estienne

(Michelin 1 star). Top gastronomy. Expensive, inventive but not to everyone’s taste or means!

Tea & Cakes

La Mirande (Hot chocolate “tradition” is thick and creamy… served in winter)

Most beautiful decor in Avignon, friendly, best tea room ever...

Best cheese cake in Avignon, served after 3:30 PM!


Terre de Saveur - vegetarian

Le Cèdre - Lebanese

Chic Planet - vegetarian snacks!

Les Cinq Sens - vegetarian friendly

L’Ubu - vegetarian friendly

Le Caveau du Théâtre - vegetarian friendly



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